In the heart of a city built by pioneers, the entrepreneurial spirit lives on.

For generations, daring people have started businesses here that now feed and connect the world. With hard work and imagination, they created what at first only they could see. After an epic flood, we have the opportunity to do it once again.

This is a place for the next wave of builders.

Gather your supplies, get a kick in the pants, and keep moving this city forward. We’ll grow what has been planted here, and we’ll take it to the next level. We will rebuild, reinvent and redesign and change the world in the process.

We are the next generation of pioneers. Our hands and spirits shape this place. Make no mistake, the entrepreneurial spirit lives here. We’re here to Vault. 


The Vault community has set forth a 4-part mission to ensure that Cedar Rapids will always be a place where ideas grow and entrepreneurs thrive. To this end, we commit ourselves and challenge our fellow citizens to: 


Connect 100 working entrepreneurs across the metro.
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Produce 100 events to help people build businesses here.
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Launch 100 new companies in Cedar Rapids. 
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Identify 100 investors to support the entrepreneurial community.
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