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Lance LeTellier

Founder at LeTellier Engineering & Planning, 
Owner of Midwest Corridor Investments, LLC

Lance L. LeTellier owns and operates the Cedar Rapids, Iowa based office of LeTellier Engineering & Planning. The business is focused on helping to solve problems and improve efficiency for existing building owners and promotes sustainable development. 

Mr. LeTellier is a licensed Professional Engineer in Iowa and has been involved in the Eastern Iowa Branch USGBC, Iowa Engineering Society and local community efforts to help clean up the environment and improve recreational opportunities for families.

Lance believes that until relatively recently, humans have had little choice but to live sustainably, interacting with and depending upon nature. Today, individualism and consumerism have stripped us of our "nature consciousness," creating an epidemic of isolation and meaninglessness. 

In an effort to be part of the solution instead of contributing to these problems he has been active in supporting the shared entrepreneurial environment at Vault and is also helping to launch several community and business collaborations with other Vault members including Rowell Hardware Development, LLC.

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