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Kalindi Garvin

Career Communication Strategies

Certified Master Resume Writer ✴ Certified Job Search Strategist

Kalindi helps individuals achieve career success by defining their brand and communicating it effectively through resumes, cover letters, interview portfolios, and other career marketing documents.

She's a Certified Professional Resume Writer holding the CPRW credential from the Professional Association of Resume Writers and Career Coaches. Kalindi is known for strategically positioning clients for career success through resumes, cover letters, interview portfolios, and other personal branding documents. Using a comprehensive interview and questionnaire, she helps clients identify career goals and unearth accomplishments, using these critical details to develop their differentiation strategy. She also provides career coaching and job search strategy sessions, walking clients through job search process, and equipping them to network, interview, and negotiate effectively.

Career Communication Strategies offers the following services:

• Professional Resume Writing
• Career Marketing Letters • Cover Letters • E-Notes
• Thank You Notes • Interview Follow Up
• Interview Portfolios
• LinkedIn Profiles • Professional Bios • Online Profiles
• Networking Resumes
• Interview Coaching and Preparation
• Professional Business Writing

Questions? Contact us at yo@crvault.com.