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Joshua McNary

Marketing Specialist

Joshua holds a number of vocations beyond being an entrepreneur including husband, father, son, brother, friend, and community member. Starting with God, family, and career (in that order), he attempts to act out his life with honesty and integrity. Informed by a dedicated Christian worldview in daily life, Joshua believes in being forthright and hard-working in all his work.

Joshua grew up in Amherst, Ohio (near Cleveland) and was the prototypical student and band/choir/theater geek. After college at Ohio University in Athens, Ohio, he lived/worked in Washington, D.C.  He met his lovely wife while in D.C., got married and then later moved to Cedar Rapids, Iowa (where she grew up). They had their first boy in 2008, then added identical twin boys in 2010. (See his resume for more on his professional experience).

In addition to his primary roles, Joshua enjoys reading (mostly non-fiction), continued learning (articles, audio, and seminars), working with technology, utilizing social media, meeting others through networking, studying and discussing political philosophy, and playing ice hockey.  He also enjoys spectator sports such as football (go Browns), baseball (go Tribe), and hockey (go Rangers).

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