Vault 100 Investors

Become a Vault 100 Investor and join this growing list of people who are committed to making Cedar Rapids a thriving place for entrepreneurs.

Theresa Bornbach
Scott Swenson
Chuck Peters
Mary Ann Peters
Barry Boyer
Gilda Boyer
Ryan West
Michael O'Neill
John Hudson
Sandra Hudson
Leighton Smith
Kimm Harris

John Oberreuter
Matt Evans
David Hensley
Michelle LeCompte
Jeff Nock
Tyler Olson
David Sturtz
Ben Dillon
Eric Engelmann
Nate Holler
John Rourke
Peter Awad

Mark Nolte
Tim Barcz
Paul Konsghaug
John Osako
Brad Hart
Mary Segriff
Ralph Russell
Robert Becker
Nicole Forsythe
Chuck Swore
Arenson & Maas, PLC

Being a Vault 100 Investor is a vital part to the success of a rapidly growing entrepreneurial ecosystem. Vault is more than just a physical space, it's about growing the entrepreneurial community so that people with big ideas can thrive and make those ideas a reality.  It's important for entrepreneurs and other creatives to know that the community supports them and their ideas. Being an investor is not only about financial support, but it's also about making connections and opening the door for collaboration; and to lend advice and give mentorship. It's amazing what happens when people get to know each other and make connections; problems are solved, teams are formed, more ideas are envisioned and wisdom is shared. All of these elements are what make for an exciting and productive startup community.
Being an Investor is also a way to be a part of the community without being a resident member in the space. You'll still have access to the space so you can surround yourself with other entrepreneurs, startups, and creatives to bounce ideas off of and gain inspiration.

There's also some perks involved with being an Investor!

Receive 10 Day Passes to Vault Coworking & Collaboration Space.

Receive a 10% Discount on events, classes and classroom rental.

Receive a 10% Discount on NEW resident membership.

Sign your name on the Investor wall and proudly proclaim your dedication and support! 

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