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Ben Anderson

Founder and CEO of Bandwidth Pool

Serial Entrepreneur Ben Anderson started his first company, X-Wires, while attending college at the University of Iowa. Over the next ten years, X-Wires grew to become a successful business that was eventually acquired by a publicly traded company. Over those years, Ben gained valuable insight to how the Internet service provider business worked and discovered an opportunity for a new business model, creating Bandwidth Pool. Since Bandwidth Pool hit the ground, a lot of people have been asking “Why?” “How?” “How did you come up with this whole idea?” Because after all, Bandwidth Pool does something no one else does. Bandwidth Pool revolutionizes Internet service buying through a unique, two-tier system that includes user feedback and reverse-style bidding. Bandwidth Pool brings power to consumers for the first time, and it does so in a radically new way. For more information, visit

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