The business of being an entrepreneur is certainly not an easy one. It requires dedication, passion, the desire to create your own future and, as Andy Stoll says, the willingness to "trust your crazy ideas."

These individuals have made their names known as entrepreneurs who chart their own course and create new opportunities, are you going to join this list?  

Amanda Styron
Kris Fassler
David Tominsky
Tyler Oswood
Josh Bass
Ben Anderson
John Schnipkoweit
Chris Quartier
Lance LeTellier
Josh McNary
Karl Becker
Heather McDougall
David Sturtz
John Oberreuter
Kirk Cheyney
Grant Schultz
Bill Harwood
Alyssa Nolte
Rachael Roewe
Tiffany Ralston
Rob Peacock
Paul Tarnoff
Clint Twedt-Ball
Zachary Kreger

Andy Stoll
Barney Conroy
Nick Silhacek   
Alex Frazier   
Mendel Kurland   
Jarod Smith   
Tim Klima
Scott Swenson
Chuck Peters 
Evan Heckert
Tyson Unkrich
Peter Awad
Jason Trout
Casey Everts
Holly Garner
Kimm Harris
Josh Heacock
Bryan Ilg
Tommy Le
Richalle Nash
Aubrey Secrest
Lydia Brown
Tony Vanden Bush
Martin Wissenberg

Josh Mateer
John Foster
Quinton McClain
Shawn Cornally
Trace Pickering
Theresa Bornbach
Mary Ann Peters
Kalindi Garvin
Nate Holler
Barry Boyer
Steve Mitchell
Frank Morosky
Anant Kamath
Jay Kamath
Thomas Hansen
Mike Zorich
Sudevi Mosse
Mike Whitson
Tara Ellison
Jake Vardaman
David Rhinehart
Eric Engelmann
Ross Katz
Jared Greiman